Best Tie Brands
DKNY Tie Brand (Donna Karan New York)
DKNY ties are New York trendy and offer a slim cut that is very much "in vogue" today. DKNY ties offer bright colors and nice lines, using different size stripes and colors to draw you in. Can be found at Macy's and Lord & Taylor stores.

Drakes Tie Brand
Drakes tie brand hails from London and they make some of the finest ties you can buy. This is one of the younger fine tie brands as it was created in 1977. Drakes is the largest handmade tie producer in England. You can order a handmade Bespoke tie from Drakes London at a cost of £155 per tie. The turnaround time is 2 - 6 weeks. Order info link here.

Hermes Tie Brand
Hermes hails from Paris and makes ties that range from the contemporary to the outlandish. Many Hermes ties offer designs that include whimsical animal patterns, their signature horseshoe design, flowers or other patterns. Many of their ties also have a large H imprinted across the tie.

Beware that there are many fake Hermes ties being sold. A genuine Hermes tie should come with a label that says "Made In France", should include a short numerical product code and a 2 letter location code. It should also say "100% SOIE" (meaning silk).

Izod Tie Brand
Izod is a brand that continues to reinvent itself and remains fresh by doing so. Izod is a brand quite popular with young men. If you are looking for crisp, clean lines and colors that "pop", then try wearing an Izod brand tie.
Kiton Tie Brand
Kiton ties are hand made in Italy and have earned the name "Best Of The Best" for a reason. These ties are made in a very special way, each silk is cut individually and the ties use a five-fold construction which allows the tie to hang perfectly. These ties can be made to order if you like, but it costs a pretty penny.

Nautica Tie Brand
Nautica is a stylish brand of tie sold in many department stores. Their ties are nice quality, usually silk and won't bust your wallet. A Nautica tie retails for about $50. If you are looking for simple, understated elegance, then this could be your tie brand. They also sell a tie with an anchor logo on it, for the true lover of the sea.

Robert Graham Tie Brand
Robert Graham makes some nice silk ties which have modern and youthful designs. Each tie contains "Knowledge Wisdom Truth" embroidered on the small end of the tie. Robert Graham ties retail for about $100 each.

Tom Ford Tie Brand
Tom Ford is a premium brand of ties which are hand made in Italy. They make 100% silk, wool and cashmere ties. These ties are sold at high end retailers such as Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus. Expect to pay $100-$200 for a Tom Ford Brand Tie.

Turnbull & Asser Tie Brand
Turnbull & Asser have been making the highest quality ties available since 1885. They have locations in London, New York and Los Angeles. These ties are certainly not cheap, yet they are beautiful. Turnbull & Asser ties have been worn by celebrities, royalty, heads of state and even James Bond 007.