While the trend today is to wear more casual clothing, nothing can quickly and easily dress up your wardrobe like a tie.

Ties were traditionally worn by men in the past but this is also a changing trend. Todays modern woman can be seen sporting ties with various dress wardrobes. The Tie is an accessory worn by men, especially those who wear a suit. Most Ties are considered formal wear and are most often worn with a suit or sports jacket.

Ties are worn around the neck and under the collar of the shirt.

There are several variations of the traditional necktie which include the bow tie, ascot tie, bolo tie and for those who can't tie a traditional tie (the clip on tie).

There are 4 main types of knots used to tie a necktie. These knots include the traditional Four-In-Hand-Knot, the Windsor Knot, the Half Windsor Knot and the Pratt Knot.

If you are going to a job interview it's still a great idea to dress up and wearing a tie will do just that for you.

If you are going to a formal party, wedding or other big event, wearing a tie is a great idea to look your best. If you are invited to a function that specifies "Black Tie" , then you are expected to wear a black bow tie.

Silk is generally the fabric of choice when it comes to fine quality ties. A silk tie tends to hang just right, that is why people like to wear them. A silk tie usually costs a bit more, but it is considered worth the price.

So dress up, have fun and wear these top tie brands.

Our site is all about looking good, being fashionable and having fun. We recommend products like cologne, shampoo and lotions. To keep you smelling good. Because nothing turns off the opposite sex faster than smelling bad.
Bow ties are a type of necktie made for men, yet some women do wear them now. The fabric is tied in a special way that resembles a bow.

Bow ties are made from many types of fabric yet the finest are made from silk. The bow tie dates back to the 17th century and is usually worn today with a tuxedo.

Bow ties are usually worn to special occasions like weddings, proms, inaugurations, cocktail parties and the like. If a dress code says "black tie" then you are expected to wear a black bow tie.
Silk ties are traditionally thought of as the best and most expensive ties you can buy. If you are going for the million dollar look then a silk tie should be your first choice.

Silk ties are easy to spot as they have a soft, fluid, look and feel to them. A silk tie will drape smoothly and look spectacular with the right suit.

Silk ties also have a shiny reflective look to them, silk ties generally offer rich vibrant colors that will attract the opposite sex.

While the silk tie is a great tie it also has a few drawbacks. They are very difficult to clean, if you spill something on a silk tie it can be ruined. Dry cleaning is a must for these ties.

Silk ties wrinkle easily, so they should be rolled up when stored, not hung from a traditional tie rack.

While several parts of the World produce silk ties. Silk ties which hail from Italy are usually considered the crème of the crop. by Kerry Zangara
Men's Cologne Brands
Believe it or not, most men do like to smell good. I personally like to wear the hottest new Colognes out there. Nothing attracts a Woman like a good smelling man. Check out these hot Cologne brands that Men should be wearing. Ladies, feel free to take notes.

Burberry Cologne Brand
Burberry is a very trendy brand of cologne these days. With unique scents that are pleasing to women, it is no wonder why. Burberry is a great cologne that is quite popular with young men who take pride in their looks and how they smell.  Burberry is a British brand that has taken hold in the United States. Burberry Brit and Burberry Touch are 2 of their hottest fragrances right now.

Chanel Brand
Even though they are known more by Women, Chanel makes great fragrances for Men. They specialize in modern, masculine scents. Some of the most popular include Bleu De Chanel, Egoiste, Platinum Egoiste, Allure Homme, Allure Homme Sport, Allure Homme Edition Blanche, Pour Monsieur, Antaeus. All are a good choice and available for an average price of $70. Sold at most fine stores.

Gucci Cologne Brand
Gucci is a top brand of colognes for men. The newest fragrances come in attractive metallic canister type bottles. Top rated fragrances for men are Gucci Intense, Gucci Guilty, Gucci Pour Homme II and simply Gucci by Gucci.. They also make deodorant and after shaves for men. You can't go wrong with Gucci products for men. Average price of Gucci Cologne is around $70 per bottle.

Polo Cologne Brand
Men have been in love with this brand of Cologne for years, while Women secretly love it as well. Made by Ralph Lauren and featuring the iconic polo horse and player on the bottle, it is certainly easily recognizable. It all started with the original Polo Cologne in the green bottle. They have since expanded their line of Colognes to include favorites such as Polo Blue, Polo Black, Polo Red, White & Blue, Polo Safari, Polo Purple Label and Polo Explorer. Their Colognes can be had for around $50 - $70 per bottle. They are also commonly sold in gift sets which usually include aftershave and gel, obviously makes a great gift.

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